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Yoga for Fertility uses the tools from Yoga and applies them therapeutically to the process of having a baby. This type of yoga is especially nourishing at what can be such a draining and challenging time. One of the main aims is to de-stress the body and mind bringing tranquillity and calm on the fertility journey.

There are physical postures that strengthen and release tension from the body, also bringing energy and circulation to the reproductive organs and balancing hormones. It works energetically encouraging a free flow of energy around the body clearing any blockages, whilst Breathing, Meditation and Relaxation focus on helping us release unhelpful thoughts and emotions. Yoga Nidra is another profound meditative relaxation technique that uses positive mental affirmations and visualisations. It is empowering to be able learn something to do for yourself at home every day that is going to benefit you.


Benefits of Yoga for Fertility

  • Balances hormones, reducing stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline
  • Increases circulation to the reproductive organs
  • Helps regulate menstrual function
  • Improves your sleep, helping the body rejuvenate
  • Releases physical tension in the body
  • Brings balance to the chakra energy system
  • Teaches how to cope with thoughts and emotions calmly
  • It is fun


I can’t even touch my toes will I be OK?

Yes, of course! Firstly, Yoga for Fertility is not just based on physical work and; secondly, every class is suitable for all levels – you don’t need to know how to do something before you start learning.

Isn’t Yoga just stretching, how does that help?

Yoga for Fertility works at many different levels and it is definitely not stretching alone. The majority of benefits come from the quieter components, meditation and deep nourishing relaxation.

Is it just for female fertility?

Yoga for Fertility can help both partners. Classes are run on a women only basis, but I also teach couples privately and in workshops. I encourage you to attend classes to maintain your own healthy body and mind even if there is a specific male cause to the infertility.

Do I have to go to a class?

I teach Yoga for Fertility in classes and privately 1:1 or couples 1:2. Private sessions can delve a little deeper therapeutically.

Is it suitable for ART / IVF?

Absolutely yes. It can be modified for the different stages of treatment and reduction in stress hormones is critical at this time.

Can I continue when I have conceived?

Once you have conceived the physical activity needs to be put on hold until at least 12 weeks (I recommend 16 weeks) although you are welcome to participate in the deep relaxation, breathing and meditation to help support your emotional journey.


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